Fishing is fun and exciting!  It's a wonderful adventure for both young and old alike.  It's a great for families or individuals and the anticipation is only part of the fun.  e prepared for your adventure by planning what you should bring.  Here are my suggestions to make your fishing day successful.

What you should bring:

Hat and sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, drinks and snacks, non-marking shoes (sneakers or flip flops are great), light rain jacket and your best SMILE!

We supply:

Bait and tackle, fishing rods, safety equipment, fishing licenses, fish tales, fish cleaning and a day of fun and excitement!

Experience the Indian River on your fishing charter.  The birds and fish are beautiful and you can sometimes see dolphins and manatees as well.  If you have never seen a mangrove island, they are wonderful.  This is truly a diverse ecosystem and you just never know what you might catch on each cast.